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                  These are past and current dogs that  Hubbard's Shepherds owns or co-owned, imported, Titled or bred. 



                        Berrie Holly vom Hubbard             Sch1 KKL1                   Lacy vom Hubbard                Sch2

                        Catrina von Salerno                       Sch1 KKL1                    Cortney von Salerno              Sch1

                        Breeza vom Hubbard                     Sch1 KKL1                   Yaschi vom Hubbard              Sch1

                        Madison vom Hubbard                   Sch1 KKL1                   Rayna vom Salerno                Sch1

                       Dannie von der Kleinen Birke        Sch1 KKL1                      Cimi von der Verwaltung       Sch1

                       Milli von Lachenerweg                  Sch1 KKL1                       Zombi von Tronje                 Sch1

                       Vina vom Lechtal                           Sch1 KKL1                      Superioues Zarah                  Sch1    

                       Waneska von Salerno                     Sch1 KKL1                       Evi von Manahaus




                      Niccor Bad-Boll                    Sch3 KKL1   V 4 USA          2 time VA Riccor von Salerno            Sch3 KKL1

                      Mace von Hubbard               Sch3 KKL1                                   Garth vom Hubbard                     Sch2 KKL1

                     Puma von Salerno                 Sch3 KKL1                                    Reconn von Salerno                     Sch1 KKL1

                              Yazzo vom Salerno                  Sch2 KKL1























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